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We're making videos, commercials, product presentations and music video clips with an emphasis on originality. We'll capture your life moments in detail. The way so you can be one step ahead.


Directional overview of the visual materials and drafts of everything that appears on the screen – from elaborate scenography to shots from your everyday surroundings.

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Production is the filming itself. It uses the knowledge of many technologies, such as cameras, lenses, and filters. It applies an artistic sensation to the location of the camera and the composition of the shots.

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Dozens of film images has to be assembled in a sequence that tells the story. Scenes can be shortened or shuffled, so that the finished product outlines your vision

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About us

About us

We are two enthusiasts who observes the beauty of the world through the camera lenses.
Our work is varied, without rules, and that is why every project has its own unique concept.



Pavel Richter aka “Bigbeat”

– I got to video making via my own snowboard shooting. I wanted to capture the moments that won’t return. Just to remind us in retirement, that we lived and enjoyed the life.

-I’m interested in creating videos and advertising, I graduated at Central Advertising Art Institute in Prague. Here I got the title of an art director and copy writer. My studies revieled me an overall view of how advertising is being properly and purposefully produced to have the right impact on the target audience.



Lukáš Pavka aka “Keipex”

-Thanks to love for dancing and hip hop culture, I decided to capture all the energy around me.

-Making and editing videos for about 4 years.

Over 10 years I wipe the floor at family business called “Peklo Sonic Force”.

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